User Study Results: How best to reach your customer

New User-based Study Focuses on Best Practices in Social Media & the Internet, Uniquely for the Microscopy Market

Listservers & LinkedIn lead the way in the use of Social Media the Microscopy Market

Listservers & LinkedIn lead the way for the Microscopy Market

Social Media. Mobile Apps. Twitter. Facebook. Webinars. Remote demonstrations. The list goes on and on! Everyone is being hit by the time, money and resources required by the new sales and marketing processes. Here at The MIP we get questions every week about the best practices to reach your customer. Now we have the answers: The MIP’s newly completed 2015 User Study on Best Practices for Social Media and the Internet.

This report is unlike any other off-the-shelf market research study
Instead of tribal wisdom, collected via a series of interviews, this is the actual data from over 1200 practicing microscopists and spectroscopists.

The data are presented from five, easy-to-read market perspectives, allowing you to drill down SPECIFICALLY to the audience you want to reach. And unlike other broad, global reports, this study targets the unique microscopy market and related spectroscopies (micro Raman, micro FT-IR).

The findings are concrete and definitive, providing specific time-and-money saving direction regarding your website; your approach demonstrations, sales, and service; and potential mobile and internet strategy. All for less than the price of a typical half page ad.

Who Will Benefit from this Study?
Sales and Marketing Managers; Technical Support staff and managers; Strategic planning / Business Development Managers, Corporate web developers

125 pages of User-based data (See an actual sample page of data, below)

Data Presentation:
(Each chapter presents approximately 25 pages of data)
1. Analysis by Title
2. Analysis by Discipline
3. Analysis by Type of Lab
4. Analysis by Type of Work
5. Analysis by Instrumentation Used
EXTRA! The structure of this survey provides for a detailed study of instrument use by discipline, title, type of lab, and work.

Ordering Options:
Order just a question, just a chapter or the full numerical report

Further Information:
Prospectus & Pricing
Study document
Sample Data
“How to Read” Guide

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Call or email The MIP’s Chief Strategic Consultant, Barbara Foster
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