Webinar: How best to reach your customer… What’s AGE got to do with it?

Picture2_Old+Young manWednesday, February 10,2016 at 12:00 EST
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Join us as The MIP’s President & Chief Strategic Consultant, Barbara Foster, presents the results of a 2015 End-User Study on best practices for reaching the microscopy & spectroscopy market, with special analysis of the impact of age. Rather than tribal wisdom or “finger in the air” guesses, this fast moving 30 minute webinar presents hard, current data, directly from over 1200 practicing end-users. Whether you are in business development, product management, or sales and marketing or technical support, the content of this webinar will dramatically affect both the impact and cost of how you communicate with your customer.

Bring your favorite sandwich, a cup of coffee and pull up to your computer for this important 30 minute “lunch and learn” webinar. Don’t miss the end: 3 Special Offers!

For each of these topics, comparisons will be made between three age groups: Millennials (21-30 year olds), more established practitioners (31-49), and senior professionals (50-65), allowing you to target your most relevant age group.

  • Do you need a FB page AND a website? What about Twitter?
  • Do you need a mobile app?
  • Is everyone reading everything electronically or is print still important?
  • When your customer is researching equipment purchases, how important is your website? And which part is MOST important?
  • How does your customer PREFER to be reached? How often?
  • How do THEY want to hear about New Products/Applications?
  • Demos, Ordering, and Technical Support: on line or in-house?

Who Will Benefit
This webinar targets microscopy and spectroscopy and would specifically benefit
Business Development, Technical and Product Managers, Sales & Marketing Staff and Managers

Speaker Bio
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Barbara Foster is President and Chief Strategic Consultant of the Microscopy & Imaging Place, Inc. Educator, Author and Editor, Master Marketeer, and Business Developer, she has been actively researching and reporting on key trends in microscopy and spectroscopy for 25 years.

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