The Nanotech Market

Ms. Foster’s invited chapter in this book includes a review of the Nanotech market, with synopses/summaries from over 20 market research studies…

MIP President & Chief Strategic Consultant, Barbara Foster, was honored to write the introductory chapter (Ch 1: The World of Nanontechnology) for this exciting new book on Nano-safety.  Her chapter covers a broad range of topics, from “What is Nanotechnology”, to classes of nanomaterials, microscopy & spectroscopy instrumentation for analyzing nanotechnology, the role of the government, approaches to nanotechnology and the need for certification and training.  However, since you are visiting us at, we suspect that a topic YOU would find most interesting is her review of the Nanotechnology market, so here is an excerpt from that chapter on just that topic.

Nano-safety: What We Need to Know to Protect Workers (De Gruyter Textbook)
ISBN-10: 3110373750

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