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Webinar: How best to reach your customer… What’s AGE got to do with it?

Wednesday, February 10,2016 at 12:00 EST To access the archived webinar: To assure that the webinar plays correctly, please clear your cache of cookies TMIP Webinar_Whats age got to do with it_Slides Related Market Research Join us as The MIP’s President & Chief Strategic Consultant, Barbara Foster, presents the results of a 2015 End-User Study […]

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Who ARE you? … And WHY should I buy from you?

In 1958, McGraw Hill published this iconic ad.  Called  “The Old Man in the Chair”, this simple ad stressed seven key issues that your customers want to know about your company before they buy.  The strong underlying message: “Sales start before your salesman calls.” So much has changed in the intervening half century … the Internet and […]

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