Success Stories

Zygo – Beating the competition by creating an entirely different niche

What do you do when you are one of two leaders sharing a market and your key competitor brings on a new technology an entire year before you do?

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Sarastro – The Mouse who Roared

Like many overseas companies coming to the US, Swedish-based Sarastro miscalculated both the size and need for visibility in the US market. After 18 months, they took a different tack, leading them to rapidly escalating revenue and a position challenging the long-standing industry leader.

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The Hidden $25M Market – The Power of User-based Research

Was there an application for a low-light level camera in the semiconductor industry? Conventional wisdom said no… but the customers told a very different story!

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American Optical/Educational Microscopes – Gaining Ground in a Flat Market

Startled by, but very appreciative of, the technical support and visibility, dealers and catalog houses alike swung their support to this brand. At the end of 6 weeks, with only about 1/3 of the program in place, they upped their commitment for the Spring buying season by an incredible 12% in a flat market

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Bad News? No Market. Good news? You just saved $500K!

Believe it or not, the best time to conduct market research for a new product is before your product goes to the drawing board. Early-stage User-based market research saved this client $500,000 and at least a year in R&D!

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Media Cybernetics – 100% Growth in Y1, Y2, and Y3

Media Cybernetics had made a respectable transition from desktop publishing to scientific imaging, but had set a goal to become the leader in the image analysis market, rapidly! The resulting strategy and marketing program saved money and sped them to 100% growth and industry leadership within one year,

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