Rapid Market Penetration

Silver+Red arrowsBringing a new product to market?  How long do YOU estimate it will take until your company will be a contender …  let alone to become a market leader?

We have these conversations all the time… brilliant folks who invent amazing technology …which then takes a decade to penetrate the market.and really begin to make sales, all the while facing dwindling finances.

What if you could give your market penetration a boost? What if your company could be a key market player in only 12-18 months?  Our Chief Strategic Consultant, Barbara Foster, has done it… over and over again… across the industry, from  image analysis systems to optical, confocal, EM, Atomic Force Microscopes, and profilometers; from UV-Vis to FTIR to Raman and cathodoluminescence.

Our secret:  a unique approach to maximize customer engagement that hits hard three ways:

  • Top down, across the industry
  • Bottom up specifically with your potential customer base
  • and Laterally, with direct support to your sales staff.

We have hundreds of tricks to rapidly penetrate your market. And to keep all those activities organized, a proprietary business process called The FlightPlan™.  It’s one of those “sanity tools” that leverages every activity so that you can do more with less.  It keeps everyone in your organization on track, reduces risk, and keeps those deadlines from blindsiding you.

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