Zygo – 3D Optical Profiler becomes a 3D Surface Texture Analyzer

The Challenge

Zygo was entering the market with a new surface profiler that directly competed with a device which had been introduced by their key competitor a year earlier.  The question: how to create a niche in which the new Zygo technology stood in its own spotlight.

The Impact

  • Regarding the brochure, the Program Manager (VP of R&D) said, “I’ve been here for nearly 25 years and this is the best brochure we have ever had”.
  • Very recently, the then-marketing manager of the key competitor told us, “Our guys kept coming to us, asking why they couldn’t have things like that!”
  • 18 months after the product launch, the Project Manager (who had been promoted to VP/Sales & Marketing based on the success of this product), called to say, “Within the last 8 months, our share value has jumped from $9/share to $16… and it is all your fault.”
  • As a result of this program, within ~4 years, this product was outselling competitor 5:1.
    When this project began, Zygo was a $16M/year company. Based on the success of this launch, it quickly rose to $40M then went on to exceed $100M, largely on the success of this product

What we did

  1. Created a Strategic Plan
  2. Conducted User-based market research on the back of a bingo card
  3. Repositioned the product to remove direct competition (a) No longer a run-of-the-mill “optical profiler” but a “3D surface texture analyzer” (b) Instead of showing traditional meshwork or simulated surfaces, we also prominantly displayed high definition 3D microscope images of the surface
  4.  Generated Product Name (NewView)
  5. Developed a full 10 page Brochure + coordinated ad
  6. Directed construction of and contributed to the Sales Book
  7. Assisted in planning International Sales Meeting; made 2 presentations
  8.  Wrote and placed key Article

Follow-on activities

  • Created coordinated “sister” brochure for GMP
  • Generated FlashPhase flyer + coordinated ad


Examples of work:

Navigate the Microscopy Market