CytoViva – Superresolution on an optical microscope

The Challenge

CytoViva was one of the first efforts of an innovative university-to-commercialization group, Aetos, formed out of Auburn University.  While Aetos understood business development and how to raise capital, they were new to the microscopy arena and turned to The MIP as guides through these new waters.

The Impact

This full service New Product launch drove CytoViva ( innovative super resolution on a light microscope) into the lime light

What we did

  1. Performed initial technical product review
  2. Conducted New Product / User-based market research
  3. Created a Strategic Plan and positioning
  4. Wrote and “acted in” Investor Video
  5. Wrote and “acted in” Customer Video
  6. Developed collateral including a 10 page brochure; coordinated ad; app note template and first app note; 6 panel pre-show mailer
  7.  Created tradeshow booth design and implementation
  8. Assisted in tradeshow planning and support
  9. Structured channel development; presentation for new distributors; and assisted in first presentations

Examples of work:

Navigate the Microscopy Market