New to the U.S. market?

Why is the US market so hard to penetrate?

This MAP comparing the US to Europe tells the whole story.  The US presents two challenges to newcomers: Size and population density.

The US covers over 8.6 million square kilometers.  How does that territory compare to Europe, Japan, or other overseas territories?  As shown above, Europe, from Madrid to Moscow, covers only about one-third of that territory.  Japan would stretch from slightly above our northern border, along the length of our West Coast, but only about one state deep.

The second challenge is our population density.  The US averages only about 31 people/sq km.  In comparison, European countries range from 193 people/sq km (Italy) upwards to close to 250 people/sq km (UK: 246, Germany: 232).  And Japan? A dense 339 people/sq km!

Seen from this dual perspective of size and density, the challenge is clear.  Companies that normally succeed in territories such as Europe or the Pacific Rim benefit from large populations distributed across small geographies.  A sales program, often built on personal relationships, succeeds very well under those conditions.  However, both the playing field AND the rules of the game are very different in the US.  The territory is huge, the population spread out, and, unless you make aggressive efforts to give your company and a product a strong voice, you will be invisible.  Making a sale will be very tough.

Soft Landings, guaranteed!

Many_countries_stockxpertcom_id15916851_size0The MIP has worked with companies from all over the world:  Japan, China, Canada, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Russia, and the UK.  We’ve set up mini start-up offices as well as national master distributorships; established banking and financial controls; provided full travel, logistics, and tradeshow support; contributed saleable concepts to engineering; worked with immigration lawyers to gain visas and green cards; even helped find laboratory space, housing, and schools.  Most importantly, we have created a voice for our client companies companies and their products, a voice which reached across the entire US, opening doors for their sales people.  (To see several examples visit the US Business & Sales Organizations section in our Portfolio)

The choice is yours.

You can waste hundreds of thousands of dollars and a decade of time trying to penetrate the US market, or you can call The MIP today at (972)924-5310.  Let’s discuss what you need for support and and how we can help you to penetrate the US market, quickly and cost effectively.

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