Launching a New Product?

It’s your greatest dream… but will it make money?

You’ve got a new product idea… it’s the joy of your life… but will it sell, profitably?

Hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as the viability of your company rest on the answer that question. Which would you rather rely on?

  • Generic tribal wisdom gathered from sales and marketing managers in the field,
  • Input from few local professors who may want every bell and whistle but will only buy one or two of your instruments, or
  • Focused, concrete data collected from your real potential audience

Over the past 25 years, The MIP has conducted hundreds of tailored, user-based market research studies, specifically in microscopy and spectroscopy.

As master microscopists and experienced business developers, we speak your language and understand your technology. We have helped dozens of clients to use that data to clarify business strategy, cut engineering time and budgets, and speed time to market.

Need more information?

Grab a sandwich and listen to Barbara’s webinar: From Product to Profit.  Visit the Hot Spot to see Examples of actual The MIP’s microscopy market research and the resulting high-value data. Then give us a call at (972)924-5310.  Let’s discuss your next great dream … and how to assure that it will sell, profitably.

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