Is your product/company a “Best Kept Secret”

Before we talk about Visibility, take a minute to view this video.

Ironically, in this day of hyper-communications, it’s tough to get found. Traditional approaches to tradeshows and ads just don’t deliver. Chasing the new trends in Social Media, the Internet and automated marketing can be overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive.

Here’s the dilemma: if your company or product is a “Best Kept Secret”, every sale is an uphill battle. Your client will go into the top of your sales funnel and disappear until they are ready to buy. “They don’t return my phone calls.” “They don’t answer my emails.” Sound familiar? The truth is that if you don’t stay visible, in front of your customer until they are ready to buy, you have already lost the sale.

The MIP can help. We work closely with your team to create the visibility that opens doors and empowers your sales force.

We don’t just guess what will work for your particular audience, we know: We have over 30 years of success behind us and over 100 product launches.   We also conduct REAL market research regularly, with REAL microscopists, who give us the REAL story on how best to reach them.

  • Our New Product Launches cut time-to-market and make every dollar count.
  • Our proprietary “FlightPlans™” integrate a matrix of marketing and sales support activities that control chaos and create strategy and structure to propel your product and company into the top tier of your competitive niche
  • Our Website Development is wizardry, providing your sales force with dynamic tools
  • Our “Press Releases with Pizzaz” spread the word and create top-down/industry-wide visibility
  • Our “Articles and Application Notes with Impact” create credibility
  • Our “Brilliant Brochures” put power into your sales force’s hands
  • Our “Email blasts with Emphasis” keep you in front of your audience throughout the sales process
  • Our “Social Media with Meaning” encourages dialogue
  • Our “Tradeshow Makeovers” drive traffic and improve high quality lead generation

Give us a call today at (972)924-5310. Ask our Chief Strategic Consultant, Barbara Foster, how The MIP can bring YOUR product/company out of its shell so that it is no longer a “Best Kept Secret”.


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