Business Development

Man-drawing-business-plan-made-of-gears-000027686055_MediumWhere are you now…  and where do you want to be a YEAR from now?

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve seen companies come and go. We’ve seen them invest hundreds of thousands of dollars or more and not gain traction. They’ve literally thrown money down the drain. Some were overseas companies, new to the US market. Others were start-ups. Still others, were experienced companies expanding into microscopy and imaging.

What made the difference between success and failure?
Experience in and understanding of the market and its drivers; sound go-to-market strategy; and thorough planning and implementation. While most high tech companies have a firm grasp on the physics and engineering of their technology, they face a critical gap when it comes strategy, operations, and, especially, the sales:marketing alignment.

The MIP can help
We offer our clients a unique matrix of technical expertise (we are practicing microscopists & spectroscopists), operations know-how (over 20 companies credited to our team), and marketing ingenuity (over 100 products launched).  Where can we be of service?
1. Early stage product feasibility
2. Business Structuring
3. Business Plans
4. Investor Presentations
5. Due Diligence
6. Expert Witness Services

Green plant 2 - sxc NOTIFY Rendy id 799888We G R O W businesses! 
To learn more, visit our Success Stories,  The Library, and our Portfolio then give us a call (972-924-5310). The first call is FREE (maximum: 1 hour). Let’s discuss where you want to be. We’ll suggest directions and next-steps to fit your budget and help your company grow.

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