Webinar: From Product to Profit

T/MIP President, Barbara Foster presents "From Product to Profit"

T/MIP President, Barbara Foster presents “From Product to Profit”

Join T/MIP President, Barbara Foster, as she discusses how to guarantee your product will sell, profitably.  “From Product to Profit”, a webinar sponsored by Photonics Spectra and BioPhotonics.

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Early stage/user studies have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for T/MIP clients, cut R&D time and cost, and assured rapid market penetration. In this free BioPhotonics webinar, veteran microscopist and business developer, Barbara Foster discusses the how, when, why, and where of this powerful tool then presents several key case studies. Bring your favorite sandwich, a cup of coffee, and pull up your computer for this important “lunch and learn” webinar.

Who will benefit:
Business Development and Strategic Planning Managers
RD&E engineers
Product Managers
Sales and Marketing Managers

1. Two magic numbers that can determine if your product will be profitable
2. Early-stage User-based market research: the how, when, why, and where
3. Impact on business development, product profitability, and speed to market
4. Case Studies
a. How a study on the back of a bingo card led to five fold increase in sales
b. How 2 questions moved a product from the back burner to lead sales
c. How “No” saved $500,000


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