Who ARE you? … And WHY should I buy from you?

The Old Man in the Chair: The basics still hold true

In 1958, McGraw Hill published this iconic ad.  Called  “The Old Man in the Chair”, this simple ad stressed seven key issues that your customers want to know about your company before they buy.  The strong underlying message: “Sales start before your salesman calls.”

So much has changed in the intervening half century … the Internet and electronics now dominate our lives, totally changing how customers buy from us.  But The Old Man’s basic truths still hold true.  It all boils down to your company’s Credibility and Visibility.  That’s the part of sales that starts before your salesman calls.  Unfortunately, many companies in microscopy and spectroscopy are so focused on their technologies, they have missed the boat, not taking time to create Credibility and Visibility, making the sales process even harder and longer.

Several years ago, the Business Marketing Association gave us all a wonderful update to the Old Man in the Chair.  Pull up a cup of coffee and enjoy their 2 minute video (link below). Afterwards, shoot me an email and let me know what you think…  How is your company doing on these issues?  If your sales process is like slogging through the mud because you don’t have Visibility and Credibility programs in place, may we be of service?
Here’s the link to the BMA video.

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