Media Cybernetics – 100% Growth in Y1, Y2, and Y3

The Challenge

Media Cybernetics had made a respectable transition from desktop publishing to scientific imaging, but had set an ambitious goal to become the industry leader in the image analysis. They needed sweeping changes, from a new corporate identity to multiple new-product launches.

The Solution

Clearly this was not a short-term project.  As a matter of fact, T/MIP Chief Strategic Consultant, Barbara Foster, lived on-site two weeks/month for 6 months!

Project Goals:

  • Identify a new corporate positioning strategy and full corporate identity program
  • Find a better fit for graphic art support (We recommended dismissing the expensive agency and hiring a local graphic artist who understood product better. The result: Increased creativity, better response time, at a fraction of the cost!)
  • Develop a battery of new collateral (brochure, inserts, templates for pre-show mailers and ads, ads for new products, boxes, etc.)
  • Write or contribute to development of technical specifications on multiple projects (notably, “MatPro”)
  • Write technical trade publication articles
  • Expand marketing communications to international market with content and protocols for Europe and Asia
  • Create a new booth design
  • Amplify tradeshow presence, including developing activities to draw more traffic to the booth
  • Generate an ongoing, updatable calendar of marketing and launch activities and corresponding budgets
  • Structure and implement three new product launches (launch schedules, in-house and external press releases, technical sheets, collateral, etc.)
  • Educate staff to carry on once the core project was complete


Based on the new marketing campaign and materials and coupled with the focus and hard work of Media Cybernetics’ staff, the company enjoyed 100% growth per year in Y1-Y2-Y3 after initiation of the new corporate identity and marketing programs and 60%/year sustained growth in Y4 after launch.

Consulting time: 2 weeks/month for 6 month
ROI:  (Conservative estimate) 25x within 12 months

For samples of some of the materials developed for Media Cybernetics, please visit the "Strategic Plans and integrated Sales & Marketing Programs" section in our PORTFOLIO


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