X-Cite – New directions in fluorescence illumination

The Challenge

X-Cite’s metal halide illuminator promised to revolutionaize fluorescence microscopy.  While the company enjoyed a strong reputation in other industrial and medical niches, they had zero presence in microscopy.  How could we propel them rapidly into the market?

The Impact

X-Cite was the hit of the show floor, complete with extended visits of three of the “Big Four” microscope companies and several imaging legends.

What we did

  1. Devised a Strategic Plan
  2. Created and implemented a full New Product launch
  3. Designed and supervised construction of a new tradeshow booth
  4. Developed collateral including Preshow mailers
  5. Assisted in tradeshow planning & support
  6. tructured and delivered a full Press program
  7. At the tradeshow, facilitated introductions to press, Gurus, and potential strategic partners

Follow-on work

  1. Multiple End-User market research studies
  2. Power meter: 2 magic questions that led to a new market

Examples of work:

Navigate the Microscopy Market