NTMDT/Nanotech America (NTA) – AFM, STM, AFM/Raman

The Challenge

NTMDT had made several attempts to penetrate the US market both directly and via a hardworking but solo distributor. The result was little visiblity; constantly challenged credibity (prospective clients were leary of working with a Russian company which had no visible presence in the US), and only 3 system sales in 3 years.

The Impact

• Immediate Credibility & Awareness
Once a technical demo facility was established, NT-America was successfully competing in the top tier within 6 months
“I see you everywhere!” – VP marketing, competitor

• Sales increased:
Prior to NT-America: only 3 systems had been sold in 3 years
Under NT-America: Additional 18 systems or component modules sold in 2.5 years, in a maturing market

What we did

  1. Created a Strategic Plan
  2. Positioned both the company and the specific product lines
  3. Structured and implemented complete new business launch for US Headquarters including incorporation, locating facililty, hiring staff, full business and financial management; establishing, staffing, and managing two demo facilities (Texas and California)
  4.  Structured Sales Force, eventually resulting in hiring of a National Sales Manager and a rep network of 7 technical reps)
  5. Conducted New Product / User-based market research
  6. Created, maintained, and Implemented fully integrated Sales & Marketing program (“FlightPlan”)
  7. Performed all duties of US General Manager and VP, Marketing (late 2003-mid 2007)

2004-2005 Multi-Level New Product Launch – “Solver” line (6 microscopes)
1. Product positioning
2. Brochure
3. Tradeshow booth
4. Full show management for annual schedule of approximately 5 key tradeshows
5. Full press programs, including press kits, press releases, and press meetings

2006-2007 New Product Launch – “NTegra” Line (8 microscopes)
1. Product positioning
2. Brochure – Ntegra Line
3. Tradeshow booth – NTegra
4. Points of Display – NTegra
5. Full show management for annual schedule of approximately 5 key tradeshows
6. Full press programs, including press kits, press releases, and press meetings
7. Stimulated Tradeshow tutorial program – (ex: Pittcon – Educational AFMs, complete with working AFM and presentation of live data)
8. R&D 100 award applications
• NTegra Tomo – Fully integrated AFM with Leica UC6 Ultramicrotome
• NTegra Spectra (2006 )– First fully integrated AFM-Raman system (R&D 100 Winner)

US & International Sales Development

• US Dealer/sales workshops
• International Dealer presentations (both New Technology and Marketing)

Assistance to New Technology Commercialization

• Ntegra Spectra – AFM/Raman integration with Renishaw
• NTegra Tomo – AFM/Ultramicrotome integration with Leica
• Negotiated International Joint Partnership agreement with Leica for NTegra Tomo
• Negotiated US Joint Partnership agreement with Leica US for NTegra Tomo

Follow-on activities, Post NTA

Wrote and placed multiple Press Releases directly for NT-MDT
Authored multiple R&D 100 award applications
• Solver Next (2009) – First integrated multiple-head AFM (R&D 100 Winner)
• NTegra Life – Next generation Life Sciences AFM
• NanoEducator II (2011) – Creative “mini” AFM designed for educational microscopy (R&D 100 Winner)
• Solver Spectrum (2012) – Next generation integrated AFM/Raman system (R&D 100 Winner)

Because of the extensive nature of this assignment, only representative examples are provided below.


Examples of work: