BioTools – Mobile microRaman and Micro bioRaman

The Challenge

Biotools is a company which has an excellent reputation in benchtoptop technology for vibrational spectroscopy (FTIR and Raman, vibrational circular dichroism, and Raman optical activity ). They recently commercialized the first fully portable Raman microscope. Not having experience in the microscopy arena, they turned to The MIP for their new product launch

The Impact

For maximum impact, The MIP targeted a constellation of activities around the annual PITTCON meeting, a happy home for both microscopy and spectroscopy, including a major press conference. The night before, Biotools’ cofounder confided that she understood about press meetings like this and if we had 3-4 editors, she would be satisfied. The result: we had 25 editors at the press conference and another half dozen visiting the booth during the meeting. The results:

  • On the editorial side – excellent coverage and multiple requests for more extensive articles
  • On the customer side – enthusiastic and high volume foot traffic.

What we did

  1. Authored and placed key article for American Lab (May 2015 feature article)
  2. Authored & placed article/ Lab Industry for PITTCON 2015
  3. Authored & placed corporate profile article / Lab Industry for PITTCON 2015
  4. Created Pre-show email blast / Lab Industry for PITTCON 2015
  5. Organized and ran full press program, including creation of actual folder, press kit, press releases, structured backgrounder (implemented by BioTools), writing and sending invitations to editors, and moderating press meeting  (Biotools President and co-founder admitted the night prior to the press conference that she “understood about meetings like this” and would be happy if only 3-4 authors showed up. On the day of the press conference, there were 25 editors in attendance. Another 5-6 stopped by the booth during the course of the meeting!)
  6. Wrote 6 panel mini-brochure
  7. Contributed to Web materials (


Examples of work: