Foster FlightPlans(TM)

Hundreds of activities but One Clear Plan to propel you to your destination market

Imagine an experienced pilot, handing you a map that will get your company to its ultimate destination:
• Rapid and expansive market penetration
• Quickly and cost effectively

…A map that sets specific strategy to reach your goals then shows you how to implement with a hundred integrated activities that are focused, coordinated, and organized… all targeted at creating visibility and credibility for your company and your products… all targeted at opening the door to increased sales and revenue.

…A map that tells you not only which tradeshow to attend and which key elements to spotlight in the booth, but also details all the free and low cost activities surrounding the show that can be used to highlight your company and your product, to drive traffic to your booth and generate high quality leads.

…A map that tells you not only in which publication to advertise but exactly which issue … and also suggests topics for all-important correlated editorial content to make your ad dollars really count.

…A map that springboards rich content, expanding your pre-show mailers into material for your web site, the core of an application note, or a key point for a high visibility article … an article that you can then hand out at trade shows, use for mailings and further enrich your web content. The map also links activities, showing you how to leverage every action, so that a less effort goes a LONG way. For example, a map that reminds your application and sales staff to capture that all-important-image (AND permission to use it!) in April which will make an October pre-show mailer “Pop!”.

…A map that helps you manage programs, from your new product release program to your old-product-phasing-out program to your web development program…and anything else your company sets its sights on.

…A map that you can share across the company, so that everyone is “flying” on the same line … one with templates so that you can update quickly and simply, at the click of a mouse, to keep your programs current, agile, and responsive to changing times.

These maps are the core of a Foster FlightPlan.  Here are some examples:
A FlightPlan, closed down to just the backbone
The expanded branch for one Tradeshow
The expanded branch for “Articles
The beginning of the branch for “Sales Support

Want to go interactive? Call Barbara Foster at (972)998-4616 to set up an on-line demonstration with a full, interactive FlightPlan.

The Resource Guide

But FlightPlans are more than a map.  They include Resource Guides: Muli–sheet Excel workbooks that summarize, in one easy-to-find place, all the insertion dates, material due dates, bonus activities, and web banner opportunities of the key publications and, in the companion workbook, low-cost or free activities to support all tradeshows on the map. Feeling rich this month? The Resource Guides offer a choice of ad sizes and activities so that you make choices dynamically, as your time, budget, and staff resources permit. Times a bit slim? Dial back on ad size or placement. After all, you’ll have all the tools at your fingertips.  Click here for a sample page from a MEDIA or a TRADESHOW Resource Guide.

Plus a step-by-step Implementation Calendar

A hundred activities… and you’re already overloaded? And what about all those details!!!!

Not a problem. Each Foster FlightPlan also comes with its own Step-by-Step Implementation Calendar. We can build your calendar in either in Excel, to link directly with the Resource Guide (we’ll even show you how to link cells so a click on the Resource Guide will automatically update your budget in the Calendar) or in Microsoft Project: Your choice.

Using “Foster’s Rules of Thumb,” the calendar outlines all the steps necessary to achieve the projects on the FlightPlan, week by week, for the full year. Imagine never getting blindsided by a deadline,
always having enough lead time to create the best ad. Based on nearly 40 years of successful product launches, the “Foster’s Rules of Thumb” are easy to implement so that your FlightPlan can continue to evolve, long after we deliver it to your door.

Sounds Expensive!!!
Normally, market strategy and planning at this level would be. However, with Foster’s turnkey process and extensive experience specifically in microscopy and spectroscopy, we can offer these services to you much more reasonably.

Already have an experienced Marketing Dept . but just need to know where to go?

Ask about our FlightPlan™ “Mini”. Just the map, the “Mini” will still get your new product launch or foray into that new market off to a flying start.

Contact us today!  Just email Barbara Foster ( or call (972)998-4616 between 9:00AM and 5:30 PM Central Time.


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