Footprint Offices

House-cube-B1-deconstruction-000038909982_MediumStarting a new business? Expanding to the US from overseas?

Opening a new office can be expensive and time consuming.  Instead, consider a “Footprint Office” with The MIP.  Here’s how The MIP can help put you on the right track:

1. Incorporate
The MIP is located just outside of Dallas, Texas and we encourage our clients to incorporate in Texas for multiple reasons:

  • Texas is business friendly.  The state makes incorporating easy and inexpensive
  • No state income tax.  In addition to all the Federal taxes, most states also charge a state income tax.  For example, in California the average rate is an additional 9.3%.  The impact? For every $100,000 of taxable income, an extra $9300 goes to the State.  Zero state income tax also means less paperwork and lower cost of doing business.

2. Establish your financial structure and business address

  • Register with State and Federal Tax agencies
  • Set-up your chart of accounts in QuickBooks
  • Establish bank accounts and methods of payment
  • Receive payment and issue checks
  • Keep your books balanced
  • Alert you to opportunities/threats in cash flow
  • Calculate and File monthly taxes (requires a local bank account)
  • Prepare tax documents for CPA for annual tax filings

3. Manage logistics

  • Provide local mailing address, phone number, and personal contact staff
  • Consult on and manage shipping services within the US

4. For overseas companies, be your Resident Agent
Not only can The MIP provide you with a US “headquarters” and mailing address, we can be your local US  contact person, a legal requirement for filing tax and other required documents.  Also, depending on the volume of business we can store a supply of literature and respond to requests for literature.

How we work:
The MIP charges a modest “set-up” fee, then small monthly fee which cover on level of service.  The fee includes a phone line, a mailing address,

Contact-us-(phone-icon)-glossy-green-round-button-000054796678_MediumCall us today at (972)924-5310.  Let’s discuss how you can have an immediate footprint in the US market.

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