Diving Into a New Market?

New markets are frought with murky waters and high risk.

The MIP can help.  We can clarify your market, set your direction, and dramatically reduce your risk.

What is the size and shape of your REAL market, not just the overall market that has little relevance for YOUR business model?  What’s the best distribution/channel? How long is the sales cycle? Who makes the buying decision and who influences it?  What competition will you face, not just from other firms that challenge your proposed product head-on, but other technologies which could blind side you? And the bottom line:  Will your product SELL?  Profitably?  Not knowing the answers to these questions with a high degree of certainty can cost your company millions of dollars and delay a successful market entry by years or even decades.  Knowing the answers can prompt investment, speed new technology commercialization, and cut time-to-market.

As business specialists in microscopy and spectroscopy, The MIP has conducted dozens of strategic market reviews for clients large and small, from the fiber optic industry to semiconductors, surface profiling to biotech and live cell imaging.  In terms of instrumentation, we’ve covered the gambit from electron, optical, fluorescence, and confocal microscopy to the most elaborate Raman/AFM hybrids and the simplest slides.  In every case, our unique matrix of technology expertise and business experience allowed us to capitalize on the raging opportunities and to avoid the devastating pitfalls for our clients.  In some cases, the best answer was, “No, your technology won’t play well here.”  In other cases, we uncovered new market directions that our clients never considered, directions that more than doubled their prospective client universe and multiplied potential revenue many times over.

Whether you need a comprehensive top-down strategic review or a focused bottom-up Voice of the Customer analysis, The MIP has the tools and the expertise to clear the water so that you can dive into that new market with confidence.

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