Building a New Business?

Start-up? Early Venture? Industry giant hot on the acquisition trail?  Well-established veteran but expanding to a new market or trying to re-capture a pre-existing market?

The MIP fills the gap to help develop your new business.

As we mentioned on our HOME page, the microscopy market is heterogeneous and high risk, making it challenging and expensive to penetrate. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve seen companies come and go. We’ve seen dozens of companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars or more and not gain traction, literally throwing money down the drain.

While most high tech companies have a firm grasp on the physics, biology, and engineering of their technology, they face critical gaps in strategy, operations, and the alignment of sales and marketing. The MIP can fill those gaps…

  • As practicing microscopists and spectroscopists, we understand your clients. We’ve worked alongside them at the microscopy and chemistry bench and can use that experience to help YOUR technology and company grow.
  • As strategic planners and business developers, we have built departments, divisions, and companies, often on on a shoe string.  We can bring you experience in and understanding of the market and its drivers, sound go-to-market strategy, and good planning and implementation

Business-teamwork,-internet-and-communication-concept-000033960240_MediumVisit our Success Stories, our Portfolio, and or click on any of our Services to learn more. Then email us or give us a call at (972)924-5310. Let’s discuss where YOU want your business to go. The first call is FREE.  We’ll suggest directions and next-steps to fit your budget and help your business grow.

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