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The Nanotech Market

Ms. Foster’s invited chapter in this book includes a review of the Nanotech market, with synopses/summaries from over 20 market research studies… MIP President & Chief Strategic Consultant, Barbara Foster, was honored to write the introductory chapter (Ch 1: The World of Nanontechnology) for this exciting new book on Nano-safety.  Her chapter covers a broad […]

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When your customer is not responding... You've been Ghosted!

Is your customer not responding? You’ve been “Ghosted!”

Has this ever happened to you? Someone comes by your booth at a tradeshow and is very animated and enthusiastic about your microscope.  After the meeting, being a good sales person, you call… you email… but no matter what you do, you don’t get any response.  A colleague of mine recently put a name to […]

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How I saved the C-Suite Half a Million Dollars (an AzoNetwork blog)

AzoNetwork was kind enough to invite me to contribute a blog on User-based market research, a subject dear to my heart.  This one focuses on how the resulting hard-core information can benefit the C-Suite.  Check it out HERE!  

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Barbara’s Latest Article: TERS – Ready or Not?

TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy has been a challenging experiment, reserved for research and advanced physics labs.  Innovative hybrid technology from HORIBA and AIST-NT has changed all of that, making true raman imaging at the nanoscale easy to do, even in the standard analytical lab. This American Lab article provides an excellent overview of how TERS works and […]

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Webinar: How best to reach your customer… What’s AGE got to do with it?

Wednesday, February 10,2016 at 12:00 EST To access the archived webinar: To assure that the webinar plays correctly, please clear your cache of cookies TMIP Webinar_Whats age got to do with it_Slides Related Market Research Join us as The MIP’s President & Chief Strategic Consultant, Barbara Foster, presents the results of a 2015 End-User Study […]

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Recent Article: Non-Laser LED light sources

This BioPhotonics Feature Article tracks the evolution of microscopy light sources from the more traditional tungsten halogen and mercury arc sources through a brief sojourn with metal halide lamps to today’s exciting LED alternatives.

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User Study Results: How best to reach your customer

New User-based Study Focuses on Best Practices in Social Media & the Internet, Uniquely for the Microscopy Market Social Media. Mobile Apps. Twitter. Facebook. Webinars. Remote demonstrations. The list goes on and on! Everyone is being hit by the time, money and resources required by the new sales and marketing processes. Here at The MIP we get […]

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Who ARE you? … And WHY should I buy from you?

In 1958, McGraw Hill published this iconic ad.  Called  “The Old Man in the Chair”, this simple ad stressed seven key issues that your customers want to know about your company before they buy.  The strong underlying message: “Sales start before your salesman calls.” So much has changed in the intervening half century … the Internet and […]

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Webinar: From Product to Profit

Join T/MIP President, Barbara Foster, as she discusses how to guarantee your product will sell, profitably.  “From Product to Profit”, a webinar sponsored by Photonics Spectra and BioPhotonics. To view the webinar, click here:  From Product to Profit Early stage/user studies have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for T/MIP clients, cut R&D […]

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